McLaren Pre Owned


Vehicle Data
Make McLaren
Model 570S
Price AED 529000
Model Year 2017
Exterior Blade Silver
Interior Harissa Red
Mileage 40555 km
Fuel Type Petrol


3.2 s (0-100 km/h)
Fuel tank capacity
72 l
Max. torque
600 Nm


Total width
2,095 mm
Total length
4,530 mm
Total height
1,202 mm


NEDC consumption town
16.7 l/100km
NEDC consumption open road
7.9 l/100km
NEDC consumption combined
11.0 l/100km
ET010113_AUDIOUP :McLaren 8 Speaker Audio System
EX040113_GCCSPORTPK_PG :GCC Sport Pack - Stealth Wheel
EX150213_SC0017E :Exterior Special Paint - Blade Silver
EX260213_Coupe_RF_BC :Roof - Body Colour
EX2603BC_ROOF :Roof - Body Colour
EX280113_CF_MIRRORS :Door Mirror - Carbon Fibre
EX290113_S_EXH :Sports Exhaust
EX300113_NON_STEALTH :Exhaust Finisher - Silver
EX370113_SPLIT_DPAL :Front Splitter - Dark Palladium
EX380113_S_LTRBLDE :Aero Blade - Dark Palladium
EX400113_STD_RR_BUMP :Rear Bumper - Dark Palladium
EX430113_STD_RRDECK :Rear Deck/Engine Covers - Dark Palladium
EX430413_STD_PLEM :Plenum - Dark Palladium
EX440113_STD_EXT_DR_INS :Exterior Door Insert - Dark Palladium
EX500113_CF_INTAKE :Side Intake - Carbon Fibre
EX510113_S_SKIRT :Side Skirt - Dark Palladium
EX550113_STD_ARCH :Wheel Arch - Standard
EX610113_S_DIFF :Diffuser - Dark Palladium
EX620113_STD_RR_WING :Rear Wing - Dark Palladium
EX900113_STD_BADGE :Badge Set - Rocket Red
EX910113_BADGE :Model Designation
EX920113_BY_MC_PK_N :Design Edition - Not Selected
EX950113_E_LATCH :Standard Doors
IN010513_NAP_DES_INT :Interior Trim - Nappa Design
IN020113_0004_THEME :Interior Theme - Harissa Red
IN040113_NO_SLFIN_MCL_BRD :Sill Finisher - Standard
IN050113_MAN_SEAT :Standard Seat (Manual Adjustment)
IN050113_STD_SEAT :Standard Seats - Manually Adjustable
IN060113_STD_SEAT_BACK :Seat Back - Black
IN100113_STD_COL :Steering Column - Adjustable (Manual)
IN160113_0850HL :Headliner - Carbon Black Alcantara
IN250113_0850_0850_WW :Steering Wheel - Carbon Black Alcantara
IN270113_0900WS :Steering Wheel Stitch - Carbon Black
IN300113_0650SB :Seatbelt - Carbon Black
IN410113_0303Z1 :Seat Zone 1 - Harissa Red Nappa Leather
IN410213_0303Z2 :Seat Zone 2 - Harissa Red Nappa Leather
IN420113_0303SS :Seat Stripe - Harissa Red Nappa Leather
IN420213_0900SL :Seat Stripe Stitch - Carbon Black
IN480113_0900SA :Seat Stitch - Carbon Black
IN490213_SEAT_SEW_B3 :Seat Sew Style B3
IN520113_0900CS :Contrast Stitch - Carbon Black
IN570113_0900YI :Door Stitch (Inner) - Carbon Black
IN570213_0900YO :Door Stitch (Outer) - Carbon Black
IN580113_0303DO :Door Outer - Harissa Red Nappa Leather
IN590113_0303DI :Door Inner - Harissa Red Nappa Leather
IN590213_0300EC :End Cap - Carbon Black Nappa Leather
IN600113_0303DT :Door Insert - Harissa Red Nappa Leather
IN630113_0303QI :QTR Panel Inner - Harrisa Red Nappa Lthr
IN630213_0303QL :QTR Panel Lower - Harissa Red Nappa Lthr
IN630313_0850QU :QTR Panel Upper - Carbon Black Alcantara
IN700113_0303FU :Facia Upper - Harissa Red Nappa Leather
IN710113_0300FL :Facia Lower - Carbon Black Nappa Leather
IN730113_0303BC :Cluster Cover - Harissa Red Nappa Lthr
IN740113_0905FO :Facia Stitch (Outer) - Harissa Red
IN760313_0900FI :Facia Stitch (Inner) - Carbon Black
IN760313_CONTRAST_FI :Facia Stitch- Matches Main Stitch Colour
IN780113_SATIN_C :Brightwork - Satin Chrome
IN790113_CF_SWPK :Interior Components - Carbon Fibre
IN800113_0303_0300_WT :Tunnel - Harissa Red and Carbon Black Lthr
IN810113_0905TS :Tunnel Stitch - Harissa Red
IN820113_0303TC :Console Lid - Harissa Red Nappa Leather
IN820213_0900TT :Console Lid Stitch - Carbon Black
IN830113_2001CA :Carpet - Carbon Black
IN900113_0303CP :Capping Panel - Harissa Red Nappa Lthr
IN910113_0303BP :B-Pillar - Harissa Red Nappa Leather
IN9801P1KPHCLUSTER :Instrument Cluster - KPH
PT010113_COUPE_S :McLaren 570S Coupe
PT0201MY2017 :2017 Model Year
PT0301040R :Middle East and Africa
PT0401040002L :Vehicle Specification - UAE
PT0501LHD :Left Hand Drive
PT0601OMENARAB :Owners Manual - English (Arabic)
PT0701SYSL_ENGLISH :System Language - English (UK)
PT100113_FLOORMAT :Branded Floor Mat Set
PT1601KEY_MATBLK :Ignition Key - Standard Matt Black
PT200113_CARCOVER :Car Cover
PT250113_FIREEXT :Fire Extinguisher
PT300113_ACCESSORIES :Warning Triangle and First Aid Kit
PT350113_BATCHRG :Battery Charger - Lithium-ion
PT9901433MHZ :433Mhz Frequency for TPMS and Keys
SS010113_PARKTRONIC :Parking Sensors (Front and Rear)
SS020113_PSREVCAM :Parking Sensors and Rear Parking Camera
SS050113_STD_ALARM :Standard Alarm
SS150113_NOSELIFT :Nose Lift
WB010113_WHLSPT :14-Spoke Lightweight Wheels
WB030113_CCM :Ceramic Brakes
WB040113_CCM_BS :Ceramic Brakes - Black Calipers
WB100113_TY_PZRO :Tyres - Pirelli P ZERO
WB990113_TPMS :Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
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